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The staff here at RVRadio.org are proud to present an affordable winning promotion to Loyal Listeners. We call it our Loyal Road Dawg program.   We would like you our loyal listener to help us and in return we will give to you. A Monthly email newsletter, informing of new Songs coming to the station from your favorite artists. First shot at Swagg Give aways from RV Radio.org and possibly from your favorite artists. Interviews with Mike Carlin are free to all artists,  We encourage all artist to call Mike @ 509-551-0693 and schedual interviews. Which is good free advertising. Interviews run 3 times during that week on RV Radio 1 The Highway. They are also archived on our interview page for listeners to come back and enjoy. Artists are encouraged to schedule a number of interviews to keep listeners updated. For more information about these packages call Mike @509-551-0693 Email: programs@rvradio.org 
Loyal Road Dawg program Bear With us folks we are developing this Loyal Listener Program as you read this. If you want to jump in and be the First Loyal Road Dawg click on the paypal button below it’s only $20.00 a year Email Programs@rvradio.org
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Loyal Road Dawg Only $20 a Year